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Aliases allow pages to be referred to by multiple names.


{{ALIASES: alias1, alias2, ...}}

Generally, the ALIASES variables is placed at the top of the page, immediately below the first page heading.


To refer to this page as Page Aliases in addition to the title Aliases, use the following syntax.

{{ALIASES: Page Aliases}}

It appears on the page as follows.

Also from: Page Aliases


Pages are, by default, identified by their name and their title. In many cases, the name and title will be the same. In order to make a page easier to find, you can add additional aliases, so that the page is also found if a user searches by one of those aliases.

For example, the name of this page is [help:aliases]. The title of the page (specified at the top of the page by the first heading on the page) is Aliases. One alias has been defined for this page, Page Aliases. Searching for any one of these terms will locate and display this page.

When searching for a page, all searches are case insensitive. If there is more than one page with a particular name, title, or alias, a list of the pages is displayed after searching, allowing the user to select the appropriate one.

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