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Wiki Syntax

Character Formatting

What it looks like in view modeWhat you type in edit mode
bold text*bold text*
italic text=italic text=
underlined text_underlined text_
strikethrough text-strikethrough text-
superscript text^superscript text^
subscript text~subscript text~
Character formats can also be used together.
bold italic text*=bold italic text=*
To use the character without the markup, type it twice without spaces.
an asterisk: *an asterisk: **
Colours may also be applied.
purple on yellow text`purple,yellow purple on yellow text'

Headings, Lists, Quotes

What it isWhat you type in edit mode
The heading, list, and quote markup characters must be the first character on the line.
Level 1 heading+Heading
Level 2 heading++Heading
The maximum level for a heading is 6.
Bullet list-List item
Bullet sub list--List sub item
Numbered list#List item
Numbered sub list##List sub item
Indented Quote>>Quote
Lists, numbered lists, and quotes can be indented several times.

Paragraph Formatting

What it looks like in view modeWhat you type in edit mode
left textleft text (no spaces before 'left')
justified textjustified text (1 space before 'justified')
centered textcentered text (2 spaces before 'centered')
right textright text (3 spaces before 'right')
(new line)///

Horizontal Line

What it isWhat you type in edit mode
The horizontal line markup characters must be the first characters on the line. The rest of the line is ignored.
a horizontal dividing line___ (3 underscores)


What it isWhat you type in edit mode
a table cell| (also known as the 'pipe' character)
two cells joined together||
two rows joined together|\
A | at the end of the line indicates a table with visible borders.
a table row with borders around cells| some | text |
a table row without borders| some | text
You can change the background color of cells in a table.
a cell with a different colored background|`green' a cell with a green background
Paragraph formatting may be used within a table cell.


What it looks like in view modeWhat you type in edit mode
/wiki/wikis/help/bin/home.jpg (resized picture)[$home.jpg,10,10$]


What it looks like in view modeWhat you type in edit mode
renamed link[[homepage][renamed link]]
renamed link[[homepage#Links][renamed link]]
Renamed external link[[http://www.wikipedia.org][Renamed external link]]
renamed file link[[file://c:\][renamed file link]]
inline link[inline link?This is an inline link. Use it for short pieces of information.]
These are links with special functions.
my category[index:my category] (index of pages in 'my category')
renamed link[[index:my category][renamed link]]
Pictures may also be used in links.


What it isWhat you type in edit mode
a new footnote[" this is a footnote "]
refer to the previous footnote[""]
refer to a particular footnote that was defined above["1"]
You can place links and paragraph formatting inside of footnotes. Footnotes are displayed with the variable.


What it isWhat you type in edit mode
the current date and time {{DATE}}
These variables can only be used once on a page.
table of contents of page headings {{CONTENTS}}
do not automatically generate a table of contents for this page {{NOCONTENTS}}
place footnotes at this location on the page {{FOOTNOTES}}
allow table sorting on this page {{SORTTABLE}}
also refer to this page by aliases {{ALIASES:alias1, alias2...}}
assign this page to each of the given categories {{CATEGORIES:category 1, category 2...}}
display a map of the given location {{MAP:location,zoom,maptype,size,marker}}

Other Markups

What it isWhat you type in edit mode
in-line bookmarks#bookmark text#
html code[< <sup>o</sup> >]
HTML code may be disabled by default.
ignore markups [{ [no link] }]
inner page links [^pagename]
formatted as source code[| source code |]

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