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USAF provides new detail on KC-46 issues Sat, 23rd Sep 2017
The US Air Force s Boeing KC-46 tanker is facing three outstanding issues as it moves through testing, including a boom scraping problem that could pose serious risk to the tanker s aircrew.

INSIGHT FROM FLIGHTGLOBAL: Spain Country Report – September 2017 Sat, 23rd Sep 2017
The Spanish growth story continues as airlines launch new routes in Barcelona. New low-cost long-haul operations, notably including IAG's fresh brand Level, are dominating headlines in the Spanish aviation market. Barcelona has long been a key airport for budget players in the short-haul market, with Vueling, Ryanair, EasyJet and Norwegian accounting for well over half the seat capacity at El Prat airport. Now, Level and Norwegian have both launched long-haul flights out of the airport. Our Spain Country Report provides a data-centric view into the current expansion and growth happening in the region. https:///www.flightglobal.com/Assets/GetAsset.aspx?ItemID=71745

OPINION: National interests are hard to please Fri, 22nd Sep 2017
National interests are not always easy to reconcile with other priorities. https:///www.flightglobal.com/Assets/GetAsset.aspx?ItemID=71742

OPINION: ATR and Bombardier should heed Embraer's turboprop warning Fri, 22nd Sep 2017
Bombardier could be forgiven for thinking the world is against it. With Boeing s anti-dumping claims still ringing in its ears, there comes a strong hint from regional jet rival Embraer that it is serious about a return to the turboprop market. https:///www.flightglobal.com/Assets/GetAsset.aspx?ItemID=71665

ANALYSIS: Helicopter developments continue despite downturn Fri, 22nd Sep 2017
Despite a sector downturn that is causing pain to all the major helicopter manufacturers the development of new products continues unabated. After all, what better way to stimulate the market than by promising customers a product that is better faster, more powerful, more sophisticated than their existing rotorcraft?

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A380 in glideslope deviation incident twice aborted approach Fri, 22nd Sep 2017
Russian investigators have indicated that the Emirates Airbus A380 involved in an altitude deviation incident in Moscow had descended to around 400ft while still 7.5nm from the runway.

Boeing expects strong demand from Southeast Asia to continue Fri, 22nd Sep 2017
Boeing forecasts Southeast Asia's demand for passenger aircraft to reach 4,210 units over the next 20 years, with a value of $650 billion.

Turkish Airlines set to buy 40 Boeing 787-9s Fri, 22nd Sep 2017
Boeing has announced that Turkish Airlines intends to order 40 787-9s.

Budget uncertainty could delay F-15C IRST delivery Fri, 22nd Sep 2017
The US Air Force has selected Lockheed Martin s Infrared Search and Track (IRST) system for its Boeing F-15C, but a potential freeze on Pentagon dollars could delay delivery.

Sniper pushes its way onto Hornet fleets Fri, 22nd Sep 2017
Canada's plans to buy the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet may be off the table, but details of the originally requested configuration show a Raytheon-made targeting pod's grip on the Boeing fighter is under pressure from a Lockheed Martin alternative that was long considered incompatible.

Cape Air to begin taking 20 P2012s in 2019 Thu, 21st Sep 2017
Niche US regional carrier Cape Air has reached an agreement with Italian aircraft maker Tecnam to begin taking delivery of 20 Tecnam P2012 Travellers in January 2019, the companies announce on 21 September.

Azul leases five A330neos from Avolon Thu, 21st Sep 2017
Brazil's Azul has agreed to lease five Airbus A330-900neos from Avolon, to further expand the airline's network to the US and Europe.

Qatar closes in on Typhoon acquisition Thu, 21st Sep 2017
Qatar has signalled its intention to acquire 24 Eurofighter Typhoons, in a move which would further strengthen its future air combat capabilities. https:///www.flightglobal.com/Assets/GetAsset.aspx?ItemID=61533

Norwegian Connects Passengers To easyJet While Ryanair Backs AwayThu, 21st Sep 2017
I’ve written a bit about low cost carriers trying to find a way to juice revenues through connecting passengers. Ryanair ... Read More

INSIGHT FROM FLIGHTGLOBAL: What happened to the CHC fleet? Thu, 21st Sep 2017
On 5 May 2016 one of the biggest Oil & Gas support helicopter operators CHC Helicopters - entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. At this time, CHC operated a fleet of just over 220 helicopters worldwide with 80% of its fleet configured to serve the O&G sector.

Temperature error behind Sunwing 737's near-overrun Thu, 21st Sep 2017
Preliminary analysis indicates that a temperature data-entry error introduced during take-off calculations resulted in a Sunwing Airlines Boeing 737-800's almost failing to become airborne during departure from Belfast.

​AC-130J poised to hit initial operational capability target Thu, 21st Sep 2017
The US Air Force s Lockheed Martin AC-130J gunship is set to reach initial operational capability this month, Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) chief Lt Gen Brad Webb confirms. https:///www.flightglobal.com/Assets/GetAsset.aspx?ItemID=64801

Pilot union BALPA urges Ryanair to improve working conditions Thu, 21st Sep 2017
BALPA has declared its willingness to help Ryanair improve working conditions in order to facilitate recruitment and retention of pilots, after a lack of available flightcrew led to the budget carrier's cancellation of 2,100 flights over the next six weeks.

Probe opens into Emirates A380 descent below glideslope Thu, 21st Sep 2017
United Arab Emirates investigators are probing a serious incident during which an Emirates Airbus A380 descended below the glideslope during an approach to Moscow Domodedovo.

Airbus foresees more China A330 orders Thu, 21st Sep 2017
Airbus expects Chinese carriers to place orders for more A330 aircraft as a result of domestic capacity upgauging, says its chief operating officer and president of commercial aircraft Fabrice Bregier.

JAL identified as customer for four 787-8s Thu, 21st Sep 2017
Japan Airlines has been identified as the customer for four Boeing 787-8s that were previously attributed to an unidentified customer.

PICTURE: First Qantas 787-9 breaks cover Thu, 21st Sep 2017
Qantas s first Boeing 787-9 has emerged from the manufacturer s paint shop, resplendent in the carrier s new Silveroo livery.

​Gripen Aggressor enters the fray in US red air competition Thu, 21st Sep 2017
Saab is exploring the burgeoning red air market with its Gripen Aggressor, but the new adversary aircraft could face a tough competition against cheaper, former military jets.

P&W offers F135 upgrade for depot insertion after 2023 Thu, 21st Sep 2017
Pratt & Whitney will offer a drop-in thrust or fuel efficiency upgrade for the Lockheed Martin F-35 s engine as the fighter s joint programme office develops options for the Block 4.2 upgrade package now scheduled to enter service in late 2023.

Flight Design C4 piston-single set for relaunch Thu, 21st Sep 2017
Lift Aviation the new owner of German light aircraft manufacturer Flight Design is hoping to relaunch development of the C4 piston-single and is seeking partners to help finance and manufacture the four-seat type, with a view to securing certification in 2019. https:///www.flightglobal.com/Assets/GetAsset.aspx?ItemID=66342

Only 40,000 GA aircraft ADS-B Out compliant as US deadline nears Thu, 21st Sep 2017
Only 40,000 general aviation (GA) aircraft flying in the USA have been equipped with automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B) Out equipment ahead of the Federal Aviation Administration s 1 January 2020 deadline, according to the General Aviation Manufacturers Association.

France speeds PC-21 deliveries Thu, 21st Sep 2017
France appears to have accelerated the delivery of 17 Pilatus PC-21 high-speed turboprops which will operate as trainer aircraft for its air force.

Ryanair puts a number on passengers affected by cancellations Thu, 21st Sep 2017
Ryanair has disclosed that 315,000 of its passengers have been impacted by its decision to cancel 2,100 of its flights over the next six weeks.

Mexico City airport resumes flights after earthquake Thu, 21st Sep 2017
Mexico City airport has resumed normal operations after a powerful earthquake on 19 September that has so far killed more than 200 people.

USAF explores cloaking device for tankers Wed, 20th Sep 2017
The US Air Force will next month unveil the results of a study into survivability gaps on its fleet of tankers and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft, the service s head of Air Mobility Command (AMC) says.

Elixir two-seat piston-single takes flight Wed, 20th Sep 2017
French start-up Elixir Aircraft flew its two-seat Elixir piston-single for the first time on 31 August, and says the carbonfibre aircraft is on track to secure European certification in mid-2018.

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