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2 Links I Love and an Update I Don’t: EVA Fines, O’Leary Sounds Off, Heathrow Blocked AgainFri, 28th Feb 2020

Sorry to disappoint you, but there’s no featured link this week. See, I didn’t think it was worth a full post to update you on what happened with Cranky Concierge’s massive $6,500 bill from EVA Air, so I figured I’d just drop it in here as an update. (Read

American Reverses Course With Qatar Strategic Partnership, Should Take It FurtherThu, 27th Feb 2020

American continues to makes it way around the globe looking for ways to fill its geographical needs. After Gol helped fill in some blank spots in Brazil, the improved Alaska partnership shored up the West Coast. Now, American is looking toward Africa, India, and Southeast Asia by renewing ties with

Save the Date: Cranky Dorkfest 2020 Is Coming September 12Wed, 26th Feb 2020

It is time to mark your calendars. Cranky Dorkfest 2020 has officially been set for Saturday, September 12 at LAX!

Last year, I had the successful progressive dinner and the airport tour in addition to the regular spotting event. What will this year bring? I have absolutely no idea. No, …

United Shuffles Its Express Carriers, Trans States Will DisappearTue, 25th Feb 2020

United has eight different airlines flying under the United Express banner owned by seven different companies. Does it really need all of those? Probably not; so it’s good to see that United will simplify a couple operations and remove one entirely. Trans States will go away toward the end of …

Will the HNA Airline Empire Finally Fail?Mon, 24th Feb 2020

Long before the coronavirus decimated travel to China, HNA Group was in trouble. It had overspent not just on airlines, but on a variety of companies all over the world. The coronavirus just made things worse for the teetering conglomerate, and now it appears that the end may be near. …

3 Links I Love: Norwegian Keeps Going, An Expensive A380 Move, Pleasures of Plane SpottingFri, 21st Feb 2020

This week’s featured link

Norwegian doubles 2019 underlying operating result before ownership costs and achieves cost-reduction targetNorwegian Press Release
Even though Norwegian has released its most recent results, I’m not going to write them up because it’s just more of the same. The airline continues to try to …

Great Service, Not-So-Great Product on a Delta 767-300ER From JFK (Trip Report)Thu, 20th Feb 2020

After our stay at the TWA Hotel at JFK, it was time to go home. Fortunately — unlike on the way out when we flew into Newark — this time we were flying home from JFK so we didn’t have far to go. We opted to take a mid-day flight …

Going Back in Time at JFK With A Night at the Spectacular TWA HotelTue, 18th Feb 2020

When the TWA Hotel opened in the old Eero Saarinen-designed TWA Flight Center at New York’s JFK airport last year, I knew that I wanted to go just like every other airline dork in the world. It took me long enough, but on my recent trip to New York, I …

Cranky on the Web: Screens in Seatbacks, The Impact on DeltaSat, 15th Feb 2020

Inflight Movies: Does Anyone Really Want to Watch Them on a Phone?The Wall Street Journal ($Subscription Required$)
It’s the age-old question about inflight entertainment. Does a seatback screen matter or not? Barbara Peterson at the WSJ took a look.

What the American-Alaska partnership means for DeltaTPG

3 Links I Love: Alitalia Gets Great News, Contour Sneaks Up, How Planes FlyFri, 14th Feb 2020

This week’s featured link

Qatar Airways Statement On Air ItalyQatar Airways Press Release
Air Italy is dead, and it’s not thanks to unnecessary US regulation. As I said less than a year ago in a post entitled “Don’t Waste the Effort, Let Air Italy Fail On Its

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