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Also from: RPLL; MNL



  • Terrain is a significant in Manila, particularly to the east of the airport.
  • ATC also presents a challenge, as vectors can be rushed or inappropriate.


  • You will normally be cleared direct to the MIA VOR. Using MIA as your VNAV target works well. Aim to be there at 180kts at 2,500'.
  • The vectoring to runway 24 is quite tight due to terrain and ATC often misjudge the turn from base onto final.
  • There is often some windshear when landing on runway 06.


  • Tower will usually clear you to maintain 6,000' on runway heading. Expect radar vectors shortly after takeoff.
  • Off runway 06, maintaining runway heading will quickly take you into the area of high ground east of the field and 6,000' is well below the highest terrain.

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