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Did you know about...

Fuel Tanks

Fuel is stored in the wings and the trimmable horizontal stabiliser. The wings have inner and outer tanks. In addition there is a centre tank in the centre fuselage, and optionally 1 or 2 ACTs. The FCMS controls the fuel system.

Each engine is fed by 1 main fuel pump, and there is 1 crossfeed valve for each engine.

Fuel feed

Fuel is always fed to the engines from inner tanks.

Fuel pumps

There are 2 pumps per engine: 1 main and 1 standby (which automatically operates if the main fails). Each pair is isolated in a collector box in the inner tank.

In an electrical emergency, only main pump 1 remains powered. If it fails or is off, STBY pump 4 replaces it automatically. After land recovery, fuel feed is by gravity only.

Fuel transfer

Tanks are emptied as follows.

  • Fuel is transferred from centre tank to inner tanks via 2 transfer pumps.
  • Inner tanks are emptied.
  • Fuel from trim tank is transferred to inner tanks.
  • Fuel from outer tanks is transferred to inner tanks by gravity.

Centre Tank → Inner Tanks

  • Inner tanks cycle between full - 2,000 kg and full.


Outer TankInner TankCentre TankTrim TankTotalACT (optional)
litres3,650 242,775 242,4206,230141,5007,200
kg (SG 0.785)2,865 233,578 233,3004,890111,0785,652

Table: Fuel quantity (exact quantities depend on aircraft mod)

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