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Did you know about...

Temperature Zones

Also from: Zones

Seven outputs from the mixing unit feed 4 separate aircraft zones. The cockpit has 1 mixing unit output, other zones have 2.

  1. Cockpit
  2. Forward Cabin
  3. Mid Cabin
  4. Aft Cabin

Zone controller

A single 2 channel zone controller monitors the temperature of the zones and signals the pack controllers to set the temperature delivered by the packs, according to the coldest zone requirement. Zone duct temperature, zone temperature, and all system valves are monitored by the zone controller. These are all displayed on the ECAM COND page.

Trim air

Normally cold air is supplied from the packs. Each mixing unit output has a trim air valve that allows hot bleed air to be added, thereby regulating zone temperature. The trim air valves are supplied from 2 hot air valves, 1 for each of the 2 hot air systems. There is also a hot air cross valve that connects the systems in case of failure.

The trim air valves are electrically controlled by the zone controllers.


COND ZONE REGUL FAULT- both zone controller channels have failed
- the packs deliver a fixed temperature of 20C

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