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By assigning pages to one or more categories, pages can be grouped together by topic, making them easier for users to find.


The CATEGORIES variable is usually placed at the very bottom of the page.


Part of the power of the wiki is in the ease with which information can be found and linked. Assigning pages to categories helps to achieve that. Users can click on category links to see a list of all pages in a particular category.

Pages can be assigned to any number of different categories. Categories should be general where possible (eg. Approach Procedures), but can also be more specific when appropriate (eg. Non-precision Approaches). A category does not need to already exist for it to be defined on a page.

A page is always assigned to the category that is the name of the wiki that it exists in. For example, this page is in the wiki Help, so it is always assigned to the category Help. If the CATEGORIES variable is used without any arguments (), the wiki name will be the only category that appears in the list of categories.

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