Airline Wikis

Airline wikis are locked wikis /wiki/wikis/system/bin/lock.png - you can only access them if you have been verified as a current employee. If you believe you have been incorrectly denied access, please send an e-mail.

Rules of these wikis

  • The Airline wikis are for company specific information only. Generic information on aircraft, air law, etc. should be placed in the appropriate wiki.
  • Airline wikis are secured using validated login procedures and passwords. Only the airline's employees have read and write access. However, you should be aware that the internet is subject to mischevious behaviour such as hacking, so consider carefully before publishing sensitive content here.
  • Content in the Airline wikis can be reproduced by validated users without the permission of the author.
  • Never use materials that infringe the copyright of others. Copyright can apply to any type of media, including text, images, and sound. If there is any doubt, re-write the copyright content yourself rather than copying it verbatim. However, links  to copyright material are allowed.
  • Do not reproduce verbatim information from manuals, texts, etc. Consider how best to share content that is accurate, concise, and well organised.

Check the help pages if you need assistance getting started.

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