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Did you know about...

Cathay Pacific Simulator

The sim check is usually flown in the 747 Classic sim (B747-200).


  • T/O and track the back course beam.
  • Right hand turn at 10 DME for air work.
  • Steep Turns. 30, 45 and 60 degrees bank. 180 degrees in each direction.
  • Accelerate to 300 kts. Then Decelerate to 220 kts. (using spoilers)
  • ILS to a go around. (Runway heading)
  • Vector around for another ILS.
  • #1 engine fire on downwind. (Ask for recall items. He will go through them)
  • Full Stop landing. (Using asymmetric thrust reverse)


  • Call for checklists the way you currently do it in your airline.
  • No briefs or radio calls are required.


GearFlapIASATTEPRFlight Path
Up028021.16Straight & Level
301561.51.223 Descent

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