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Why JSX is Being Kicked Out of Orange County AirportThu, 17th Sep 2020

JSX — the airline formerly known as JetSuiteX — sent out a somewhat odd blast email last week. The airline said it was being told that after this year it couldn’t continue to fly out of John Wayne Airport in Orange County, but it’s far, far more complicated than that. … Read the post

JetBlue Doubles Down on Newark and Los Angeles But Only One Makes SenseTue, 15th Sep 2020

JetBlue is an airline on a mission. With a deal to not furlough any pilots until next May, it is trying to put as many of them to work as possible. After an initial barrage of routes that mostly focused on Florida and Newark, the airline has moved … Read the post

Frontier Takes a Stab a November, Delta Swings at the Competition, and United Whacks InternationalMon, 14th Sep 2020

Happy Monday, everyone. It was a quiet week in Airlineland as most residents stayed behind the scenes working on future plans, but that didn’t stop the Animal from putting out a first stab at November plans.

Meanwhile, the Eagle made a couple minor but possibly telling changes in the mountains, … Read the post

Honoring the Flight Crews That Died 19 Years Ago TodayFri, 11th Sep 2020

It’s that day again, but this year it just feels different. The economic carnage that followed 9/11 now pales in comparison to what COVID-19 has wrought. And when you think about the 3,000 people who died on 9/11, it just sounds insignificant compared to the 190,000 Americans who have died … Read the post

United’s 2021 Plan: Leisure and Modified 787s for Ultra Long-HaulThu, 10th Sep 2020

Tuesday was a productive day until 11:30am when United posted a teaser video in advance of its big 2021 international route announcement. Within minutes I was on a call with a couple of friends, picking apart the video, freezing frames, and furiously googling to see if we could decipher the … Read the post

United, Spirit Lock Down October While the Rest Tinker In Leisure MarketsTue, 8th Sep 2020

On this week’s episode, the Globe — I just can’t keep calling him the Tulip — and the Big Yellow Bird finally ended the growing suspense by announcing their plans for October. Now, everyone is on the same page, more than at any time during this pandemic. Meanwhile, the other … Read the post

A New Cranky Talk is Live: The Cliff is ComingSun, 6th Sep 2020

Cranky Talk: The Airline Industry Approaches a Cliff

October 1 is coming fast. Furloughs have been announced, route cuts are being put in place, and things could be changing dramtically unless the government steps in. Come join us as we talk about what’s at stake.

Download it here or listen … Read the post

Cranky on the Web: Ch-ch-ch-change fees Go AwaySat, 5th Sep 2020

For those in the Bay Area, I’ll be on KTVU this morning at 840a talking about change fees.

American Airlines axes change fees on all but the cheapest tickets, following United and Delta – The Dallas Morning News
This is certainly the hot topic this week, as you’d expect. … Read the post

3 Links I Love: Southwest Goes High Cost, Long Beach Slots Settle, Spirit Hangs in the OCFri, 4th Sep 2020

This week’s featured link

Southwest Airlines Intends To Serve Miami And Palm Springs, Calif.Southwest News Release
I most definitely did not see that coming. Southwest in Palm Springs makes sense. It fits a similar profile to the Steamboat Springs flying it will begin this winter. But the always … Read the post

A Closer Look at the 15 Cities American Chose to DropThu, 3rd Sep 2020

A couple of weeks ago, American put out its list of cities that it was going to drop in October if the CARES Act wasn’t extended. This cliff was created by the CARES Act itself, which restricted an airline’s ability to actually drop cities until October 1. If more money … Read the post

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