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Reporting offensive content

As certain areas of this site are open, content may from time to time be published here that is offensive or objectionable in some way. If you find something offensive, chances are that someone else will also. Please report all instances without hesitation by e-mail so that action can be taken as soon as possible. When making a report, be sure to include the wiki and page name so that the content can be located.

Feedback and queries

We are always looking for your comments, both positive and negative (as long as they are constructive!), about Aviaddicts. That allows us to modify future development in order to maintain relevance to you. Please let us know by e-mail if you would like to see new wikis, have some improvements to suggest, or just want to tell us about which aspects of Aviaddicts are useful to you. Likewise, if you have a query about the way Aviaddicts works, or a page that appeared as you were working here, send an e-mail.

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When you register with Aviaddicts, you automatically get your own Wiki Space. Wiki spaces are managed by you, except if you want to increase your quota, or if you want to change who can access your wiki space. In either case, please e-mail us. If you want to allow or deny access by others to your wiki space, you also need to let us know in your e-mail which user's access level you would like to change.

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Dan Lambeth is the Managing Director of Aviaddictsbeta. He has worked in the IT and aviation industries for more than 15 years, and so has a broad range of experience to draw on. Dan identified a need in the aviation community for a technical web site that all aviators and other interested parties could use to share information, and the result was Aviaddicts.

The dan @ home symbol /wiki/wikis/system/bin/symbol.png is used here as it represents the origin and ideals of the content of Aviaddicts - clear, concise, and useful information.

You can e-mail Dan directly here.

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