Why Is This A Beta

You may have noticed on some pages the beta designator on the Aviaddicts name. Aviaddicts has been online for only a short time since it underwent a major set of upgrades, and therefore it will remain in beta for a little while. The purpose of this is to notify you that, although of course we expect everything to function correctly, there may be an occasional unexpected or undesired occurrence. You can assist by notifying us by e-mail of anything that you may observe, especially if you can include a description of what you were doing before it happened.

Another reason for maintaining Aviaddicts in beta at this time is to get feedback from you on what you may like or dislike about the site. Aviaddicts has a scheduled program of upgrades and improvements, and we'd also like to hear any comments that you may have on the site. That way, we can ensure it is relevant and useful to you.

Thanks for your assistance.

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