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Also from: MAP

Display a google map of a geographic location.



There can be more than 1 MAP variable on a page. Each of the arguments is optional.


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The MAP variable displays a google map of the given location. Each of the arguments is optional - if a particular argument is left as blank, the default value is used. The default argument values and their allowed values are as follows.

locationAustraliaany address as a string, or a latitude/longitude
zoom100 (earth view) to 21+ (individual buildings)
maptypehybridroadmap, satellite, terrain, hybrid
size640x256up to 640x640 pixels
markerno marker is displayed by defaultany location (address or lat/long)

If a comma is required in the location or marker arguments, use a / (forward slash) instead. These are examples of the location and marker arguments:

  • 1/Elizabeth Street/Melbourne
  • 40.714728/-73.998672
  • Williamsburg/Brooklyn/NY

Even though the location argument can be specified using an address string, it is recommended that latitude/longitude is used where possible. In that case, the user can click on the map to open a new window where the map can be further manipulated.

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