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The Help wiki currently has 26 pages. The last time a page was edited in this wiki was July 1, 2020 at 10:18. To link to pages in this wiki from other wikis use the wiki reference [help:page_name]. The full reference for any page can be found at the top of that page. This wiki can be sent to you as a wiki book.

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Get a Wiki Book

Wiki books are copies of a wiki that you can read offline. This is useful if you have a mobile phone, tablet computer (such as an iPad), or some other device that is not always connected to the internet, but you still want to have reference information available. While wiki books can be accessed and read in a convenient way, the pages are read-only. If you need to make a change, you must be online to do so.

To get a wiki book, you must sign in first. Click the /wiki/wikis/help/bin/book.png icon available from the wiki homepage. The wiki book is sent to you attached to an e-mail as a .zip file containing each page as a separate .html file. It also contains the stylesheet, and any binary files (such as images) that appear in those pages.

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