Aircraft Wikis

These wikis are aircraft specific. Aircraft variants are generally all included in the one wiki applicable to the aircraft type. If there are significant differences, a separate wiki may exist.

Rules of these wikis

  • The Aircraft wikis are freely available for anyone to read, edit and use. All information contained herein can be reproduced without the permission of the author.
  • Do not place any company specific information in these wikis, including (but not limited to) identifying particular aircraft by callsign.
  • All information should apply to the particular aircraft type. Where information relates to a single variant only, it should be identified as such.
  • Never use materials that infringe the copyright of others. Copyright can apply to any type of media, including text, images, and sound. If there is any doubt, re-write the copyright content yourself rather than copying it verbatim. However, links  to copyright material are allowed.
  • Do not reproduce verbatim information from manuals, texts, etc. Consider how best to share content that is accurate, concise, and well organised.
  • Please report any offensive material by e-mailing the address found here.

Check the help pages if you need assistance getting started.

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