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Also from: Flight Control Unit

The FCU information is fed to both FMGCs. The FCU has 3 channels, each capable of driving the entire FCU. The FCU is actually 3 control panels, 1 for the automatic flight controls, and 2 for the EFIS.



Pushmanaged mode
Pullselected mode

HDG V/S - TRK FPA pbtoggles the FPV
with the FPV on, TRK FPA is the guidance reference
with the FPV off, HDG V/S is the guidance reference

Vertical Control AreaPullengage selected V/S or FPA mode
Pushcommand an immediate level off

Spd/Mach Window

The change from speed to mach occurs around FL305.


If 1 channel fails, there are no consequences. If 2 channels fail, the FCU fault is reported to the crew. The AP and A/THR may or may not be lost depending which channels have failed. With a total failure, both APs, A/THR, and FCU controls and indications are lost. Note that in LAND mode below 400' RA, there is no operational consequence of a total FCU failure.

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