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/wiki/wikis/help/bin/w.png Wiki Space

A personal wiki space is a wiki that you can use to maintain your own notes, aviation related or otherwise. Your wiki space is a locked wiki /wiki/wikis/help/bin/lock.png. It is private by default, meaning that it cannot be viewed or edited by other people unless you give express permission to individuals to do so. You can link to other Aviaddicts wikis from your wiki space, and all the standard formatting and linking options that apply to other wikis also apply here. Of course being live on the internet means that you can access your wiki from anywhere and at any time you have an internet connection. If you want to use your wiki when not connected to the internet, just get a wiki book /wiki/wikis/help/bin/book.png.

When you register, you automatically get your own wiki space. All you need to do to use it is make sure you are logged in. Your wiki space comes with a set quota. If you want to rent more storage for your wiki space, or if you want to allow or deny access to your wiki space to another user, please send us an e-mail.

Other people may have allowed you permission to read or edit their personal wiki space. If so, you can also access those wikis from here. The real power of wiki space is the way it connects you with a group of people to share, collaborate, and learn, so recommend us to a friend, today!

Click here to go to your wiki space.

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