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Hydraulic System Monitoring Unit

Also from: HSMU

The HSMU monitors the hydraulic system. It processes:

  • control of electric pumps
  • RAT extension
  • both engine green hydraulic fire shutoff valve closure in case of green reservoir low level
  • hydraulic quantity indication correction for fluid temperature
  • tank overheat warning
  • FAULT light illumination logic
  • LEAK MEASUREMENT VALVE control (closure inhibited in flight, closure of yellow valve during cargo door operation)

There is only 1 HSMU. The lack of redundancy is due to the fact that there are switches that can be operated manually to carry out any of the HSMU functions. Note though that the hydraulic FAULT lights are lost, as is the hydraulic quantity indication on the HYD ECAM page.

Categories: Airbus A330 | Hydraulics

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