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Mandatory reporting

The commander of a public transport aircraft greater than 2,300kg is required to submit a report for any occurrence in Regulation 16 in Schedule 15. Flight data should be kept for 14 days by the operator.


Penalties for infringements not included in Schedule 13 have a maximum fine of $2,500. For those infringements in Part A the maximum fine is $5,000. Infringements in Part B have a starting fine of $5,000 and possibly imprisonment for up to 2 years.


Approach to landingapproaching to land and below 1,000' above the decision height or minimum descent height
Cloud ceilingthe lowest part of cloud obscuring more than half the sky
Congested areaan area substantially used for residential, industrial, commercial or recreational purposes (1)
Crewevery person employed or engaged on an aircraft in flight on the business of the aircraft
Flight crewcockpit personnel - pilots, navigator, flight engineer, flight radio operator
In flightfrom the time the aircraft first moves under its own power for the purpose of taking off, until it next comes to rest after landing

Minimum weather conditions (other than areas specified in Schedule 8):

above 3,000' amsl1,800m1,000'10 km
at or below 3,000' amsl1,800m1,000'5 km
at or below 3,000' amsl / at or below 140ktsclear of cloud / in sight of the surface1,800m


(1): see also Schedule 14 for rules governing low flying over congested areas


  1. AN(HK)O Part X

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