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Use links to create a hyper-link to another page, a file, or another website.


There are several types of link.

Normal link


The wiki and heading are optional. The page is the page name (not the page heading). In its most simple form, the syntax is . When the link is clicked, the page 'page' in the current wiki is displayed. If the heading is specified, the page automatically scrolls to the given heading.

Renamed link

[[wiki:page#heading][new name]]


Inline link

[a phrase?Some definition or information.]

External link



External links can be used as renamed links.


- Wiki Text -

[Links]: links to this page.

- Formatted Text -

Links: links to this page.

- Wiki Text -

[[help:links#examples][My link]]: links to Examples heading on this page.

- Formatted Text -

My link: links to Examples heading on this page.

- Wiki Text -

[Inline Link?A link that displays a popup box of information when the mouse cursor is placed over it.]

- Formatted Text -

Inline Link


Links should be used wherever possible on a page. When used properly, they assist in finding and cross-referencing information.

Renamed links can display an image rather than text if the image syntax is used. If the image is clicked, the link is followed.

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