/wiki/wikis/system/bin/question.png How do I import my roster into Microsoft Outlook?

1. Use Captain's Roster Online to convert your roster into an iCalendar file (.ics).

2. Wait for an email from Captain's Roster Online with your roster attached.


3. Download the attachment and save it on your computer.

4. In Outlook, select Import and Export from the File menu.


5. Choose the Import an iCalendar or vCalendar file (.vcs) option and click Next. (Despite this option being for .vcs files, it is the correct one to use to import .ics files also.)


6. Find your iCalendar file that was attached to the email sent from Captain's Roster Online and click OK.

That's it! Your roster is now a part of your Outlook calendar. To print your roster, select the Calendar view in Outlook, and then select Print from the File menu. Note that the above screenshots were of Microsoft Outlook 2002, and may be slightly different for other versions of Outlook.

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