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Flap / Slat system

The slat system consists of 8 slats surfaces on the leading edge of the wing (4 per wing) and 4 double slotted flap surfaces on the trailing edge of the wing (2 per wing)

Slat-Flap control lever commands the SF-ACE.  Deployment is then commanded by 2 x SF-ACE and electrically operated by 2 x PDU's (Slat PDU and Flap PDU)

Movement is sequenced such that slats extend first and flaps retracts first.

Skew Protection

Electronic skew sensors monitor differential movement between neighbouring panels of Flap(Slat).  If exceeds acceptable limits, the SF-ACE's shut down generating FLAP(SLAT) FAIL

Strike Protection

If SF-ACE detects excessive load through PDU, electrical power removed from respective PDU to prevent further movement in the selected direction, generating FLAP(SLAT) FAIL

In such cases, the affected surface can be commanded in the opposite direction

If after 3 unsuccessful attempts to select a position, the strike protection cuts the PDU power for both directions

Slat/Flap system interlocks

If the RAT is the only source of electric power, the flap and slats operate at half speed.

The SF-ACE prevents deployment position 3 to assure adequate airspeed for the RAT

Slat/Flap control lever

Lever positonSlat positionFlap PositionDetent/Gated
115 Deg5 Deg (E170) 7 Deg (E190)Detent
215 Deg10 DegDetent
315 Deg20 DegDetent
415 Deg20 DegGated/Stop
525 Deg20 DegDetent
FULL25 Deg35 Deg (E170) 37 Deg (E190)Detent/Stop

EICAS Messages



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